Your best leader is YOU…

Your best leader is YOU…“Our life is frittered away by detail…

The nation is ruined…

by want of calculation and a worthy aim…

It lives to fast.”



 Are you one of the millions, or better yet billions of people today frittering away their lives with thousands of contrived details of which nine hundred and ninety nine get you nowhere, or are based on fear? For the most part they create the unhappy and fearful ways that you live.

They, for the most part, are fast and furious thoughts; but not deep thoughts. When we think this way we think we are going somewhere only to eventually stagnate in our “Living Life Experience” finding we get nowhere. What is created is just more confusion and fear for us; such is the karma often created. This is not to say that Karma does not work, rather to say that Karma always works.

We seem to push ourselves to get it all now, to hurry; and sometimes do things, think things, and say things just to “get it all”. When we get there we find we are still lost. It’s kind of funny; we follow leaders that are just as lost as we are, hoping they will help us to get to where only we can take our selves.

Complicating what is so very simple, we create more fear and dismay daily; it paralyzes us as we run to hide from what is truly ourselves. It’s not that complicated to think for one’s self, in fact it’s an essence of a full and productive life. Fact is, a simple and productive life requires no more than slowing down and simplifying ones thinking.

Instead we billions seem to enjoy being followers in life, not realizing that in doing so we will never get to where we want to go. We calculate our entire “living life experience” on endeavors that provide no more than the illusion of family and self: we eventually realize that such a life is not worth having. It becomes obvious that we never knew what we wanted as we were too busy having what we never wanted in the first place. We actually do know what we want, it’s just that following the leader seldom provides what we want.

Do we take what leaders think as the easy way? To be the follower is easy; it requires no thinking what so ever; just following.

To experience you’re “Living Life Experience” while asleep at the “wheel of life” is to not experience your life. Rather, we experience the life that the leader wants for us.

To be the leader of your life is a little scary at times, but the most exciting experience in life; and to lead you is the most exciting of experiences life will offer you. It’s the responsibility to you; one that creates the life that you can be proud of. Isn’t that what we all want? A life full of challenges and accomplishments.

For too long we have been wide-awake while driving down the expressway of life asleep at the wheel. It’s no wonder that the world seems to be such a nightmare. To wake up from any nightmare is to begin living the dream you want to be, and truth is; you are the only one who knows what you want, all it will take is your lead.

Choice is your power, freewill your gift in life; so, whatcha wanna do: the choice is yours. Be your leader, or be there follower.

Life is the greatest challenge anyone will ever know, so very exciting; and the greatest of all lives will always be for the one who chooses to lead themselves.

Just a thought…



Grandfather Stories…

The Greatest Gift:


Grandfather sat by a tree with grandmother by his side. They smiled with a look of enlightenment and contentment as they spoke with each other. Beyond the tree they sat under two children played as sun’s life poured down on them. Their laughter was all grandfather and grandmother could hear as the children played in their imaginary world of what grandmother called, “Play School for Living and Loving”.
After a long time of playing the young brother and sister came to sit under the tree with grandfather and grandmother; “I’m mad”, said the brother as he scowled at his sister. “Well then, I’m mad too”, said sister as she made a frown toward her brother.
Grandfather looked at both of them, closed his eyes and asked, “And what is it that takes the most important gift in life from both of you”? “She isn’t being nice to me”, said the boy. ”I won’t give him what he wants now”, said sister. “And why not”, asked grandmother?


Sister replied, “I was giving my brother good things, stuff like a friend, a sister; we were playing and I was just giving him stuff like that”. Brother spoke up and said, “No you weren’t, I was giving stuff like that to you; just I was giving you a brother, not a sister. Grandfather asked, “Do either of you know what you give away as you sit here upset and mad”? “I don’t care, and I don’t want to play with him anymore, said sister. “Well, I don’t care; in fact I don’t need you any more, you are not my sister”, said the little boy.
Grandfather again questioned both of them, “Do either of you know what gift you give away as you sit here mad as you are? It is more important than anything else in your life; do you really want to give it away? And for how long will you give it away before you become even madder that you did so”? Grandmother spoke, “You both like to sing as you play your games, I listen. Your songs become like honey to my ears, they are so beautiful. Listen to grandfather; you see children, I don’t think either of you wish to continue such an arrogant, hurtful way as you are right now. Am I not right”? “Yes”, they both said as they enjoyed the shade of the tree.
The little boy and girl looked at grandfather with anticipation and wonder in their eyes. “What gift do we give back as we become so angry, and why is there anger anyway”, they questioned? Grandmother cradled both of them in her loving arms as they sat under the tree and grandfather spoke, Grandfather smiled again and said, “It would seem that “Human animals” haven’t learned from all the experiences, good and bad, and lessons how to be. They end up talking about how to be, yet do not want to accept the nature of being human, the duality we truly are, both animal and spirit”.


He smiled as he spoke more, “The gift is there for everyone, not just you two. You don’t realize of what you give away when you allow your thoughts, emotions, and senses to run wild as they do when such things as fear and anger are all you know”. “Grandpa, what do we give away that is so great a gift when we become mad or become fearful, sister said as she poked brother and they both began to laugh.


Brother frowned and said, “But I don’t want to play with you”, and pulled away. Grandmother smiled and spoke to them both, “You see, you find the law that is the gift for all life and once again you give away. I just saw you both begin to take it back. Do you truly wish to give it away again”?
Sister looked at grandfather, she looked deep into his eyes; “Common grandfather, you both are playing jokes on us aren’t you. You and grandmother are just playing jokes huh”? Grandfather chuckled as he replied to brother and sister, “Both of you will be the joke if you do not listen for a moment. You see, when you let your feelings and senses run wild you give up freedom, and without freedom how can you receive the gift of joy. Without joy how will either of you have the greatest of all truths in life? Your negativity steals it away from both of you.


Little sister smiled with grandfather as she spoke, “Well then grandfather, what is this truth for life you speak of”? Brother said, “Grandfather, will we punished for not following this law? I sure don’t want to get into trouble”. Sister showed concern as she said, “No trouble, no trouble, grandmother, grandfather, we don’t want to get into trouble”.
Grandfather and grandmother smiled and chuckled some at the expressions of concern from both the children. Grandmother spoke, “Trouble is what you will find if you give the gift away; and the trouble will be what you earn by giving the gift away. “Earn?”, both the children said. “How can anyone earn trouble, brother said. “And who would want to work for nothing more than trouble”, sister said. “I don’t think it is a good idea to work for trouble”, brother said. Sister nodded her head, “Who want to earn trouble anyway”. Grandmother smiled, closed her eyes and said, “Listen more to grandfather as he will explain so much more if you do.
Grandfather smiled at grandmother as he said, “You think that I know what to say to these two wonderful children, so I shall endeavor to do my best for all of you. Joy is the goal of life. Do either of you feel the gift of joy when you are angry or fearful? “No” they replied as grandfather smiled. Grandmother just held them close to her heart as she loved them so. She smiled with grandfather and asked,” what gift did receive with your anger”? “None”, said the little girl. Brother spoke and said, “All I get is bad feelings all over. How can that be any kind of gift”? Grandfather laughed as he said, “Then the only gift you receive is the booby prize”? “That’s stupid isn’t it”, sister said as she smiled. The four of them smiled and laughed at sisters expressions.
Grandfather began to speak more of the gift, “It all begins here; as you think you will speak, either to others or to yourself as your thoughts become feeling and emotions. You will always hear your thoughts as you would another’s words. Allowing thoughts, which create emotions run wild is no different than allowing any animal to run untrained through a community. When fearful or angry you create the opposite of freedom. Sister questioned, “How grandpa. I am free now even though I’m mad at my brother”. Grandmother chuckled as she spoke, “Good thoughts are always freeing to the very heart of you, and they lead to good feelings, good words, and good actions. From this there is nothing to fear or be angry for. Bad thoughts make the thinker the slave to those thoughts, fear and anger lead to hate and hate leads to suffering for both the hater and the hated. Which is happier when you think, good or bad thoughts”? “Why the good thoughts, said brother, I am free to laugh and have a good time playing. I am free”. “I don’t like to fear”, said sister, I feel trapped and always become angry at someone or something. That makes me feel even more trapped”.
Grandfather and grandmother smiled as grandfather began to speak, “A slave, a slave, just a slave to your thoughts, words, and actions; isn’t that what happens”? “Yes”, said brother and sister. “And we like being free don’t we my brother”. “I don’t like feeling like I do when I get mad” said brother.


Grandfather spoke some more as he wished to help the wonderful children, “Still, you have not heard of the most important gift you give up when you allow anger or fear to rule you. Would you like to know more”? Both brother and sister smiled with anticipation as grandfather spoke, “Confusion and misunderstanding are a part of human nature. Because this is so it will be your choice to be negative and angry; fearful of the person, the world, or even yourself or to feel good. You will find yourself thinking bad or negative thoughts, often without realizing you are doing so. But, when you find yourself there you can change how you think if you try. You will find that as you try your thoughts will get better and better. Still you may find yourself getting mad or fearful. It will be up to you how you want to feel and which gifts you will receive either the good ones or the bad. You can always choose, so which do you choose now.
Brother and sister looked at each other, and at grandmother and grandfather. The energy of love, with thoughts of tenderness poured from their wonderful eyes. “We choose good ones”, they both said. “Why” grandmother asked? Because we just adore each other and you too grandmother and grandfather, that’s why”.


Brother spoke and asked, “But you haven’t told us the greatest law, or told us the gift we give away. What are they”. Grandfather smiled as he spoke, “the greatest of all the law is that of non-violence; it is the heart of all truth, and that is love. When we feel affection for ourselves, others, life, and this world in our hearts we find ourselves as that love. When you allow anger and fear to take control, you give the gift of love away for a time, you stop being you. The greatest gift to all life is to be in love with all life is; it is the one truth, and so powerful in its humbleness. You gave it back when you were angry and fearful, but as patient as love is, it just waited for you to want it again. By not allowing your thoughts, words, and actions to be negative and bad you experience good feelings, emotions, and attitudes. You receive the gift of peace of mind, which only love can give”. Love is what you and your creator truly are.
All were quiet for a moment when sister said, “I love you all so very much”. Brother then said, “And I am free to be happy now”. “Good”, said grandmother. “Now”, let’s go get an ice cream said grandfather. They all laughed and were so happy. Grandfather and grandmother were right love was just waiting. And for them, they were being what they were again; LOVE.




You are your experience…ALWAYS…

Always, you are your experience


We are all unique, we see life from our own individual lens. No matter how much we tried to be like others we will always be unique, we human animals dream up most of the differences between us in our minds.

We all live our own dream, we created by the way we think with our mind. Although others are in the same world that we are, they will see that world in a completely different way from what we see it. The similarities will always be there, but the way we see things in life, the way we see life in general although similar will be different to each individual.


Although we can understand that most of what others say or do is a projection of their own reality, often when others say things, or do things, it upsets our view of reality. So what is reality anyway? Some would say that reality is no more than the grand illusion clouding our eyes from the truth.


How often we accept what another says as “the way, the truth”, we project their reality into our world and live the way they say we should. What they say about us is not necessarily true, it’s only their perception of us or the situation.

Allowing someone else to run our life, allowing someone else to become our life does us a great injustice. We allow their opinions too often become our opinions; this too is a great injustice to us. Yet, if we are not careful, we fall into the trap of they know better for me, or their opinion outweighs mine tremendously. Well, not wanting to sound like an arrogant ass I still feel I should say that,” opinions are like ass holes, everyone as one”. You have the best opinions as everyone else does; they are as important as any one else’s. Why is it that we take other people’s opinions as serious as we do, and often as personal as we do?


A gentleman named Terry Cole wrote a book titled,” what you think of me is none of my business”. He states in his book that,” no matter what you do, somebody is not going to like it.” That being said, PT Barnum was right when he said,” you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all people all of the time”.

Why agonize over what someone else may think or what they may say? Why stress yourself out worrying about how others will accept you when the most important person there is to accept you isn’t them, but you. When we do this we begin to suppress our authentic self as though there’s something wrong with us. We try and hide from them and our self by building an alternative self, one that they accept, one that we can accept more easily. I think we all have the right to be just as we choose to be, to think the things that we choose to think, to speak the thoughts that we choose to speak, and take actions based on what we choose to believe is right for us to do. I believe this to be a wonderful freedom and true power, you see, we all have the right to think, say, and do whatever we choose. I have the right and the freedom to be me, I simply have the right to be me. Why suppress the authentic you?


We often spend a lot of time trying to impress others with what we can do. Why not strive to impress ourselves by being the best that we can be? We often get so busy trying to please everybody else that we forget that the one person that we should be pleasing more than anybody else is ourselves. Are you pleased with yourself, are you happy with who you think you are at this moment in time?

What’s wrong with taking time out each day to be with yourself? What’s wrong with pleasing ourselves first and then sharing our abundance of good feeling with everyone else? When it comes down to it, the first person we should ever try to impress the most is ourselves. You truly are your experience, now, be free to be you; and be free. The experience is yours.

natures art