Your best leader is YOU…

Your best leader is YOU…“Our life is frittered away by detail…

The nation is ruined…

by want of calculation and a worthy aim…

It lives to fast.”



 Are you one of the millions, or better yet billions of people today frittering away their lives with thousands of contrived details of which nine hundred and ninety nine get you nowhere, or are based on fear? For the most part they create the unhappy and fearful ways that you live.

They, for the most part, are fast and furious thoughts; but not deep thoughts. When we think this way we think we are going somewhere only to eventually stagnate in our “Living Life Experience” finding we get nowhere. What is created is just more confusion and fear for us; such is the karma often created. This is not to say that Karma does not work, rather to say that Karma always works.

We seem to push ourselves to get it all now, to hurry; and sometimes do things, think things, and say things just to “get it all”. When we get there we find we are still lost. It’s kind of funny; we follow leaders that are just as lost as we are, hoping they will help us to get to where only we can take our selves.

Complicating what is so very simple, we create more fear and dismay daily; it paralyzes us as we run to hide from what is truly ourselves. It’s not that complicated to think for one’s self, in fact it’s an essence of a full and productive life. Fact is, a simple and productive life requires no more than slowing down and simplifying ones thinking.

Instead we billions seem to enjoy being followers in life, not realizing that in doing so we will never get to where we want to go. We calculate our entire “living life experience” on endeavors that provide no more than the illusion of family and self: we eventually realize that such a life is not worth having. It becomes obvious that we never knew what we wanted as we were too busy having what we never wanted in the first place. We actually do know what we want, it’s just that following the leader seldom provides what we want.

Do we take what leaders think as the easy way? To be the follower is easy; it requires no thinking what so ever; just following.

To experience you’re “Living Life Experience” while asleep at the “wheel of life” is to not experience your life. Rather, we experience the life that the leader wants for us.

To be the leader of your life is a little scary at times, but the most exciting experience in life; and to lead you is the most exciting of experiences life will offer you. It’s the responsibility to you; one that creates the life that you can be proud of. Isn’t that what we all want? A life full of challenges and accomplishments.

For too long we have been wide-awake while driving down the expressway of life asleep at the wheel. It’s no wonder that the world seems to be such a nightmare. To wake up from any nightmare is to begin living the dream you want to be, and truth is; you are the only one who knows what you want, all it will take is your lead.

Choice is your power, freewill your gift in life; so, whatcha wanna do: the choice is yours. Be your leader, or be there follower.

Life is the greatest challenge anyone will ever know, so very exciting; and the greatest of all lives will always be for the one who chooses to lead themselves.

Just a thought…



Author: nuwantsnews

Our stuff is 100% Organic, all natural; almost raw. Very good for your health; often balancing spirit, mind, and body. We are minimally processed, lightly mixed, and home grown; made in the USA. WARNING!!! Psychedelic ingredients; may cause some deep thinking...

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