You are your experience…ALWAYS…

Always, you are your experience


We are all unique, we see life from our own individual lens. No matter how much we tried to be like others we will always be unique, we human animals dream up most of the differences between us in our minds.

We all live our own dream, we created by the way we think with our mind. Although others are in the same world that we are, they will see that world in a completely different way from what we see it. The similarities will always be there, but the way we see things in life, the way we see life in general although similar will be different to each individual.


Although we can understand that most of what others say or do is a projection of their own reality, often when others say things, or do things, it upsets our view of reality. So what is reality anyway? Some would say that reality is no more than the grand illusion clouding our eyes from the truth.


How often we accept what another says as “the way, the truth”, we project their reality into our world and live the way they say we should. What they say about us is not necessarily true, it’s only their perception of us or the situation.

Allowing someone else to run our life, allowing someone else to become our life does us a great injustice. We allow their opinions too often become our opinions; this too is a great injustice to us. Yet, if we are not careful, we fall into the trap of they know better for me, or their opinion outweighs mine tremendously. Well, not wanting to sound like an arrogant ass I still feel I should say that,” opinions are like ass holes, everyone as one”. You have the best opinions as everyone else does; they are as important as any one else’s. Why is it that we take other people’s opinions as serious as we do, and often as personal as we do?


A gentleman named Terry Cole wrote a book titled,” what you think of me is none of my business”. He states in his book that,” no matter what you do, somebody is not going to like it.” That being said, PT Barnum was right when he said,” you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all people all of the time”.

Why agonize over what someone else may think or what they may say? Why stress yourself out worrying about how others will accept you when the most important person there is to accept you isn’t them, but you. When we do this we begin to suppress our authentic self as though there’s something wrong with us. We try and hide from them and our self by building an alternative self, one that they accept, one that we can accept more easily. I think we all have the right to be just as we choose to be, to think the things that we choose to think, to speak the thoughts that we choose to speak, and take actions based on what we choose to believe is right for us to do. I believe this to be a wonderful freedom and true power, you see, we all have the right to think, say, and do whatever we choose. I have the right and the freedom to be me, I simply have the right to be me. Why suppress the authentic you?


We often spend a lot of time trying to impress others with what we can do. Why not strive to impress ourselves by being the best that we can be? We often get so busy trying to please everybody else that we forget that the one person that we should be pleasing more than anybody else is ourselves. Are you pleased with yourself, are you happy with who you think you are at this moment in time?

What’s wrong with taking time out each day to be with yourself? What’s wrong with pleasing ourselves first and then sharing our abundance of good feeling with everyone else? When it comes down to it, the first person we should ever try to impress the most is ourselves. You truly are your experience, now, be free to be you; and be free. The experience is yours.

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Author: nuwantsnews

Our stuff is 100% Organic, all natural; almost raw. Very good for your health; often balancing spirit, mind, and body. We are minimally processed, lightly mixed, and home grown; made in the USA. WARNING!!! Psychedelic ingredients; may cause some deep thinking...

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